Appropriation of ancient body rituals is seen in the series Make Me Uneven with the abundance of gold bumps offsetting the stark 2D print moving it towards a 3D form. The series of nude images reinterprets the omnipresent 21st century self portrait, captured on a computer the pixelated image is liquefied and warped, amplified by intricate gold markings transgressing the accepted female aesthetic.

 photo SHOWPIC1_zpsd3fd37c1.jpg

 photo HOWDIDSHEFEEL_zps3c3409ee.jpg

How Did She Feel photo HOWDIDSHEFEEL2_zpsbb0eeeab.jpg

 photo SHOWPIC7_zps6bb3194b.jpg

 photo itsnotalwayslikethis_zpsd0e8c4eb.jpg

self adulation photo selfadulations_zps6695c509.jpg

self adulations photo SHOWPIC3_zpsc628238e.jpg

new 1- 3 photo 1-3_zps406b6b09.jpg

4-6 photo 4-6_zps84cdeecd.jpg